BT WhatsApp APK Download V20 May Updated 2024

In the ever-evolving era of information technology, the most important thing is communication. To communicate social apps play an important role and BT WhatsApp APK is one of the most popular conversation platforms. The app was developed by a third-party developer who added some unique features to it. BT WhatsApp download will allow you access to all these unique features.

There are different versions of BT WhatsApp APK are available to download. You can download BT3 Golden WhatsApp, Red BT4 WhatsApp Download and Pink version also available. Get all features in GB WhatsApp Pro.

BT WhatsApp APK

It allows you to connect with your family and friends with messages, and audio and video calls. You can also share different types of media such as images, videos, audio, and documents with other people. Due to its unique features and appearance, it has gained huge popularity in the blogosphere which is shown by over a million downloads.

BT WhatsApp APK Download

File Name

BTWhatsApp APK



App Size

60 MB

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Android Version

4.3 and Above

Last Updated

1 day ago

What is BT WhatsApp APK?

BT WhatsApp 2024 just like HAWA WhatsApp is a modified version of the Original WhatsApp messenger app.  Along with all the traditional features of the original app, it comes up with some additional features such as status download, privacy, and security features. The privacy features include freezing last seen and hiding blue and double ticks.

It has also some elegant themes with a beautiful icon. These themes are highly customizable and can be modified according to user preferences. Further, it provides an extra layer of security with two-factor authentications and a built-in app lock.  

BT WhatsApp APK Specifications

App NameBT WhatsApp
Size60 MB
PurposeWhatsApp Extra Features
OSAndroid 4.3 and Above

BT WhatsApp Different Versions

There are four different variants of BT WhatsApp available:

BT WhatsApp versions

Download Blue BT1 WhatsApp:

The Blue BTWhatsApp is also known as the BT1 version. It comes up with a beautiful blue icon and an elegant blue theme. This is perfect for blue lovers who like to see the blue water and sky. If you like this version then you can also Download Blue AG WhatsApp.

Download Pink BT2 WhatsApp:

This version is made for girls due to its pink theme and pink icon. This pink theme also contains pink Barbie wallpapers in the background of home and chat screens. If you like this version then you can also Download AG2 WhatsApp Pink APK.

Download Golden BT3 WhatsApp:

BT3 WhatsApp comes with an elegant royal golden theme and an icon. This theme will make you feel royal-like among your friends and family members. If you like this version then Download AN WhatsApp APK.

Download Red BT4 WhatsApp:

It comes up with a cheery red color popular among red lovers. If you like the BT4 version you can also Download Red WhatsApp APK.

Features of BT WhatsApp Download

Pin than 3 Chats:

Now you can pin more than 3 chats on the top of the screen. This allows you to keep your important chats always on top so that you don’t miss any important messages from your dear ones. You can also pin important business chats on the top to stay alert.

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Contacts:

If somehow you lost contact by accident or changed your mobile, then you can easily recover these contacts whenever you want. This is life life-saving feature to save contacts from losing permanently.

Hide Chats:

Now you can hide your chats from people sitting beside you and having a look at your chat screen. They are never going to see your private contacts.

Star Important Messages:

If you want to mark some important messages that may hide in someone’s chat then you can use this feature. You can easily start this message by pressing long on it and then from the menu selecting star message.

Search in Chats:

Now you can search any text, word, or message with a chat using this search feature. In BT WhatsApp chats open chat and then click search and then start typing the text you want to see and it will be highlighted automatically.

Hide Last Seen:

Hide your last seen from your contacts or unknown people. By hiding your last seen you hide your online status from other people.

Disable Group Notifications:

Group notifications are the most irritating thing since a large number of people are messaging which hangs your mobile device. You can easily mute these notifications in the settings of your app.

Find BT WhatsApp Photo and Videos:

No need to scroll long to see any video or image in chat instead click on the contact’s name and see all media and documents in a single place.

Hide Media from Gallery:

If you have a low-storage mobile and don’t want to save media in the gallery then you can activate this feature in the settings of the app.

Identify Fake Contacts:

Now you can easily distinguish between fake and original contacts on WhatsApp so that you may be secure from scammers.

Disable Read Recipient:

You can easily disable read recipient status by hiding the blue tick from your contacts. By this, they will never know that you have read their messages.

Message Bombing:

This feature is used to irritate your friends with a large number of repeated messages sent at a single time. This will hang their mobile and they will be frustrated.

Stickers and Emojis:

BT WhatsApp update have now new stickers and emojis to make your conversations much more interesting and fun.

App Lock:

BT WhatsApp latest version comes up with a built-in app lock. This app lock can secure the app with password, fingerprint and PIN locks.

Swipeable Navigation Bar:

You can now navigate between different chats using this swipe option. Swipe left and right to move from the chat screen to the update screen or any other tab.

Filter Messages:

Now you can filter messages in a group and can only see those messages from a certain contact. Further, you can also see only stickers, emojis, images, videos, and documents.

Profile Picture Screenshot Blocking:

When you upload a profile picture on WhatsApp people can easily save it or take a screenshot. But you can block this on BT WA APK to become secure.

Long Video on Status:

Now you can upload a long video of more than 30 seconds on your status easily to share with friends.

Tag Contacts in Status:

This is the best feature of BT WhatsApp update 2024 which includes tagging contacts on status images and videos.

Voice Message Transcription:

Easily convert a voice message into text using this advanced transcription feature. To do this select the voice message and in the menu select transcribe feature.

BT WhatsApp Infographic features


BT WhatsApp APK is consisted of many versions with different features. If you want to enhance your messaging experience then download this modified app. Although it is not an official application that you can download but features and specifications of app are amazing. Download latest version and enjoy!

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